Breganze 1997

LAVERDA turned 50 and we were there to celebrate! Roman, Christl, Hirschi, Peter and Gert rode in the pouring rain to this fantastic festival in Breganze. Never had there been so many Laverdas at an international meeting. And still there was only one machine which was constantly surrounded by the curious: Hirschis “Streetfighter“ with the gorgeous home-made swingarm and a fat 180 rear tyre. A wedding couple wanted to have their picture taken in front of it – there would have been 400 other LAVERDAS to choose from! Whether it be original SFCs or fantastic specials, everything was present on the small main square of Breganze. The new Zané factory invited for test riding, the museum-LAVERDAS got some fresh air and a big feast was organised. Everyone who had been there still has fond memories. This meeting initiated the foundation of the LAVERDA Freunde Österreich.