Schwanenstadt 2003

It was a special treat to watch stars like Luigi Taveri or Bruno Kneubühler, race next to local heroes like Gustl Auinger or Konrad Stückler, on this legendary Upper-Austrian track on public roads. The ingenuous sound of the old race engines and the 110% commitment of their riders and owners created a goose-flesh atmosphere. In 2003 the Oldtimer Grand Prix in Schwanenstadt had a strong LAVERDA attendance: Andreas Hartmut/D with his 750 SFC Electronica, Günter Schacherbauer/D (750 SFC) and Hans Eisschiel/A (750 SF2) held the orange flag up. Charly Fahrnbauer/D on his 500 unfortunately didn't qualify for the race, but will for sure give it another try next time. Nobody should miss out on that!