"Grab the Flag" 2008 at Pannoniaring / Hungary

„Grab the Flag“ – this is a race-series, where absolute speed freaks as well as passionate spannering maniacs move their classic bikes hard at the revlimiter. This time however Hirschi was not really lucky with his LAVERDA 1200. Already on Saturday during the test training the faithful triple failed to work. A first control inspection through the plug holes revealed the damage. The left piston had cracked at the oil ring and was seized at TDC. Crankshaft and conrods of the remaining two cylinders still moved freely.
For our Styrian friend Walter Völsner things also didn't run smoothly. Insufficient ground clearance was an issue for his rider Ulf Lassacher. Therefore the alternator cover was removed and, as there was no extracting tool at hand, the flywheel was removed with an angle grinder (see the pics). Johann Mayer this year couldn’t enter his 750 SF: On his first test ride after an engine rebuild he crashed and broke his collar bone. Thus LAVERDA-doyen Hans Eisschiel with his LAVERDA 1200 SC had to hold up the LAVERDA flag. This year LAVERDA was represented only through 3 triples and 2 twins.