5th. Internationales Rupert Hollaus Memorial Race at Salzburgring 2008

19th – 20th July 2008: Not only Giacomo Agostini, Jim Redman, Dieter Braun, Rodney Gould and Chas Mortimer but eleven LAVERDA-riders were at the Salzburgring. From Austria: Robert Hirschegger (1200), Hermann Ansorge (500 Barcelona 1978, 1000 Spaceframe), Walter Völsner und Ulf Lassacher (1200), Hans Mayer (750 SF), Peter Thallinger (1000 3C), Erich Weidenholzer (750 SF). From Germany: Charly Fahrnbauer (500 Formula, 750 SFC), Willi Werndl (750 SFC), Thomas Hocheder (1000 Jota), Hans Adermayr (750 SFC Electronica). A splendid race-weekend, great bikes, fantastic sound and a lot of beer!