"Grab the Flag" 2009 at the Pannonia Circuit / Hungary

This year the races promised to become really exciting, as a strong Austrian LAVERDA group was planning to compete: Ulf Lassacher entered a 1200 (63) tuned by Robert "Hirschi" Hirschegger. Hans Mayer brought his 750SF (57), Erich "Doc Holiday" Weidenholzer his 750 SFC Replica (50) and Hermann Ansorge not only entered his Barcelona 500 racer (83) but also the gorgeous 1000 Spaceframe (183). Hirschi raced his well-proven black/yellow 1200 (64).
Ulf used the tests on Friday to break in the new engine of the red 1200 and mend some minor issues. On Saturday Ulf got good practice results and a sensational 2nd place in the "Classic Open" race. On Sunday tension stepped up a few notches: Ulf had a bad start but caught up incredibly fast and showed a gripping battle with the winner of the previous day. Two laps before the end of the race he took the lead and passed the finish line as a terrific winner. Our joy was beyond words! Hirschi eked out a 14th on Saturday and reached a great 11th on Sunday. Hans Mayer made a 5th and a fantastic 4th on his red 750 SF. Hermann Ansorge unfortunately had to retire due to technical problems.
But our joy was not to last for very long: The winner Ulf "Lassifumi" Lassacher on LAVERDA 1200 was disqualified for „unsportsmanlike behaviour“ towards a lapped rider.