"Grab the Flag" 2009 - AutoMotodrom Grobnik, Rijeka/Croatia

9. - 11. October 2009:
The third and final race of the "Grab the Flag" series this year was held in Rijeka (www.grobnik.hr/pistaDe/). Austrian participants were Robert Hirschegger on his black 1200, Hansi Mayer on his red 750 SF and "Doc Holiday" Erich Weidenholzer on his oange 750 SF. Switzerland was represented by the very fast Peter Strasser on a LAVERDA 1000. Jan Wellem with his 750 SF/SFC Special was the only entrant from the German LAVERDA fraction. A team from Padova/Italy brought a 750 SFC. Slovenia was represented with a LAVERDA 350.
Hirschi made a good midfield in the open class. Hansi burnt sensational times into the tarmac on his 750. Erich unfortunately had to struggle with gearbox problems on his SF and could not finish the races.
We are already looking forward to the 2010 season.