"Grab the Flag" Races at the Pannoniaring/Hungary 2011

29. April – 1. May 2011:
The start of this year's racing season took place under changing weather conditions at the twisty Pannoniaring (www.pannonia-ring.com).

The LAVERDA mob this time was made up by: Robert Hirschegger with his black and yellow LAVERDA 1200 (64), Hansi Mayer with his red LAVERDA 750 SF (56) and "Doc Holiday“ Erich Weidenholzer with his orange LAVERDA 750 SF (50). Our friend Peter Strasser had come all the way from Switzerland bringing his LAVERDA 1000 (85) and his new LAVERDA 1000 Spaceframe (85).

Hirschi and Hansi got really fast lap times already in practice. Peter had tough luck in the wet, chucking his 1000 Spaceframe into the gravel. He only suffered some bruises, for the Spaceframe however the race was over. The engine of Erich's 750 SF unfortunately played up and did not run as required. Hirschi fought hard in the first race, the "Classic Open", and managed to finish 15th with a lap time of 2:25.776, despite a broken handlebar. Hansi seriously gave his faithful 750 SF the berries and reached a fantastic 5th place in the "Sportsmen 750 Class". The medal of bravery this time was due to Peter Strasser who, in spite of his earlier crash, entered the first race.

Practice and races on Sunday were affected by pouring rain, with only very few participants left, and were finally called off.