8th International Rupert Hollaus Memorial Race at the RedBull-Track in Spielberg/Styria

The 8th International Rupert Hollaus Memorial Race (www.igfc.at) was held at the new RedBull-Track (www.projekt-spielberg.at) on 9/10 July 2011. Temperatures were summerly high and there were many LAVERDA riders in the paddock, as well as in the crowd.

In the class up to 350cc, Rudi Fixl (54) entered on his LAVERDA 350. Gisbert Gottlieb (25) entered on his gorgeous LAVERDA 500 Formula in the class up to 500cc. The big class above 500cc was well manned: Willi Werndl (21) on his 1000cc Endurance-racer, Peter Thallinger (69) on a LAVERDA 1000, LAVERDA-doyen Erwin Hirschmugl (88) on a spectacularly modified triple, Hansi Mayer (97) on his reliable 750 SF, Franz Rosenberger (110) on a 750 SF formerly owned by Hans Eisschiel and finally, after a lengthy break from racing Horst Scheuer on his Haider/Prünner LAVERDA 1200 SC. Horst had won his last race here in Spielberg in 1998. Willi Werndl also entered the Supersport-class on his LAVERDA 750 Formula (63).

The races were exciting and fortunately there were no crashes. Saturday evening was celebrated at the Schweizerzof in Spielberg, with the parking lot showing six LAVERDAs.

A lot of fun was provided by the dyno-runs of Hannes and Bernhard. Both wanted to know how much power their 1000 3CL actually had at the back wheel. The results however will only be made known upon request ;-)

A video of the event can be downloaded here:

Many thanks for the fantastic riding shots to Dirk Hartung (Photos: Ernst Gruber). Further pictures available here: www.autosport.at