"Grab the Flag" 2011 Automotodrom Grobnik, Rijeka/Croatia

Season ending of the "Grab the Flag"-series took place in Croatia (www.grobnik.hr). Three Austrian LAVERDA riders were on the grid: Robert Hirschegger (64), Johann Mayer (56) and Horst Scheuer (116). Unfortunately our friend from Switzerland, Peter Strasser, had to miss out due to oher commitments.

"Hirschi" and his black 1200 were in top-condition. Right from the start he was flying over the tarmac and gained an impressive eight place in the second race of the open class. After initial troubles "Hansi" managed a sixth place in the 750 Sportsmen class on his red 750 SF. Horst started with practise times of 1:53, but steadily improved to 1:49 in the last race, thus reaching eleventh place. Unfortunately he crashed his Haider-LAVERDA in the two-hour endurance race. He heroically limped into pit lane clutching the transponder in his hands, which allowed his team-mate Manfred Schopper on the Reitprecht-Horvath-Guzzi to continue the race and save fifth place for the team.

We are already looking forward to the 2012 season (www.grabtheflag.de)!