News from the workshops of the LAVERDA-Freunde:

Hannes Micheler has completed his collection of LAVERDAs with the addition of a Sulzbacher-LAVERDA 1200 S and a 500 racer. Both bikes used to belong to Aldo Vittorio.


Bernhard Zojer has modified his LAVERDA 750 SF after crashing it and has painted it in the Gulf racing scheme.


Max Kolar has equipped his LAVERDA 1000-3CL with black rims and a three into one exhaust system - looks gorgeous!


Andreas Hofinger-Horvath has restored his 1969 750 GT and very recently fired her up - Congratulations!


Hannes Hämmerle has allowed us to have a look at his workshop, but refused to show us his long-term project LAVERDA 1000-3C as of yet.


Harald Penker not only bought a lovely LAVERDA 500 at Wolfgang Huber's, but there and then also got hold of a 1972 750 SF.


Wolfgang Velikogne has modified his LAVERDA 750 SF and serviced his mate Gerhard's 750 SF2.


Franz Schneider has picked up a Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200 S for restoration. We will watch the rebuild with bated breath.

Gerhard Schuett has equipped his 750 S racer with an SFC-hump-seat.


Gert Schnögl has rummaged up yet another gem in a barn. He found a LAVERDA 1200 S and brought her to the safe haven of his workshop.


Roland Sasshofer has had a look around the shop of Wolfgang Huber just before the beginning of spring and found a LAVERDA 500 in original condition.


Robert "Härtling" Gruber has got sick of riding a chopper and found a LAVERDA 1200 which he is going to modify with clip-ons, bikini-fairing and a hump-seat.

Sepp Kleewein is working on two very special yet still secret LAVERDA projects. We are already looking forward to a test-ride.