"Grab the Flag"-at the Pannonia-Circuit/Hungary 2012

4. – 6. May 2012: The first races of the "Grab the Flag" season (www.grabtheflag.de) were once again held at the Pannonia-Circuit (www.pannonia-ring.com). It is quite a treat to hear the engines roar after a long and hard winter.

This year three Austrians flew the colours of LAVERDA: Robert Hirschegger on his black and yellow LAVERDA 1200 (64), Hansi Mayer on his red LAVERDA 750 SF (56) and „Doc Holiday“ Erich Weidenholzer on his two 750 SF racers (50, 150). Unfortunately our LAVERDA-Friends from Switzerland and Germany were conspicuous by their absence.

Friday was wet and therefore practice could only start in the afternoon. Already then Hirschi and Hansi were able to set fast lap times. Erich had brought his completely rebuilt SFC-replica to the track and carefully broke the engine in.

Hirschi had a shocking start in the first race but, with a fantastic second race, was able to secure a great overall 7th place in the "Classic BOTT" class. Hansi thrashed his reliable 750 SF to gain an excellent 5th place in the "Sportsmen 750" class.

Remarkably less excessive were the nightly sessions though - I hope this is not a sign of age but of growing ambition to score good results.