9th International Rupert Hollaus Memorial Race at the Red-Bull-Circuit 2012

In memoriam Rupert Hollaus, Austria’s only road-bike world-champion and winner of the Isle of Man, more than 400 racers gathered at the Red-Bull-Circuit on July 21 and 22. (www.igfc.at)

Saturday was rainy and the track thus really slippery. This resulted in countless but luckily mostly harmless crashes. Even old geezers like Erwin Hirschmugl on his spectacularly modified LAVERDA-triple (number 88) landed in the gravel. In the category up to 350cc Rudi Fixl (number 50) entered his LAVERDA 350. Gisbert Gottlieb entered his hellishly loud LAVERDA 500 Formula in the category up to 500cc. Four LAVERDA-riders entered the category over 500cc: Willi Werndl (21), Erwin Hirschmugl (88), Hansi Mayer (97) and Horst Scheuer on his Haider-LAVERDA 1200 SC (57)

We were pleased to notice the two triples of Hannes from Carinthia and Bernhard from Eastern Tyrol amongst the spectators. Both had not been put off by the rain and had come to watch the races.

Sunday was a glorious, sunny day with exciting races that were a true credit to Rupert Hollaus.