News from the workshops of the LAVERDA-Freunde

Andy Varga has shouted his LAVERDA 1000 3CL a hump seat and a narrow front mudguard. Suits her really well.

A major engine blow-up caused Bernhard Wipplinger to give the motor of his LAVERDA 1000 to Tom Eatman: "I now have a completely new motor that gives me a lot of fun. There's only the Mikunis missing now!"

After a disappointing dyno-run, Bernhard Zojer has handed over the engine of his LAVERDA 1000 3CL to "Hirschegger-Tuning". Forged 81 mm pistons, bigger valves, machined ports, 4/C cams, reinforced clutch and 40 mm Mikuni flat slides now make the tarmac around Lienz go up in flames.

With the help of Wolfgang Huber, Erich Weidenholzer has built a second LAVERDA 750 racer. The engine of this beautiful SFC-replica has already been broken in at the Pannonia ring.

Over the winter, Ernst Ziegler has brought his LAVERDA 350 - a bike that is very rare in Austria - back to original. It turned into a real little beauty. Bravo Ernst, we love to see bikes like that!

Franz Schneider has almost finished rebuilding his Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200S. Together with his friend Gerhard he is presently working on the electrics. Fairing and hump-seat are still missing, but soon she will be fired up again for the first time after 25 years!

Gerhard Schütt has found out that life without a LAVERDA triple is not good enough. After a shopping trip to Wolfgang Huber he is now assembling a LAVERDA 1000 Jota replica.

In autumn Gert Schnögl came across a stray 1977 Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200 SC, which had not been completely restored. The engine was revived immediately with the help of "Hirschi" and over the winter restoration was completed. Soon enough she will be registered.

Not only has Hannes Micheler replaced the long Menani plastic tank of his Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200S with the original thank but has also polished up some other details - a gorgeous motorbike!

Hannes Wahry is eagerly working to bring this LAVERDA 650 Café Racer back to original. However, he is still desperately looking for the x-shaped collector-box. A mere 50 of these Zanč-LAVERDAs were ever built.

Hansi Mayer wanted to know what it feel like to ride a LAVERDA triple and has therefore bought an almost original LAVERDA 1000 3CL which had only two previous owners. We are eagerly awaiting his first ride-reports.

Harald Penker has had his LAVERDA 500 as well as his 750 SFC-Replica modified. Luckily Wolfgang Huber found two original Veglia Competizione in his collection. The black paint job and the SF-mufflers suit the 500 really well. And as if that was not enough already, he has also registered his third LAVERDA, the red 750SF. (Note to foreigners: In Austria you can run up to three vehicles on one registration plate!)

Karl Durstberger was incredibly lucky. Next to his faithful old LAVERDA 1200 with frame-number 1005 - the fifth1200 out of the whole production - he has now sitting a lovely LAVERDA 500 with frame-number "1005" - i.e. the fifth 500 of the whole production.

Karl Nusser has finally found and eradicated the "electric bug" on his LAVERDA 750 SF. After a small service his SF has passed the road test with flying colours.

After many years of abstaining from the track, Peter Corbic is finally building up a LAVERDA racer again. It seems almost unbelievable, but he was able to track down his old Harris-LAVERDA chassis in Germany and buy it back! Peter, we want to see your Harris-LAVERDA on the track as soon as possible.

Robert "Hirschi" Hirschegger has raised the seat of his LAVERDA 1200 by a few centimetres and given the primary cover a carbon protector. The first race was already held at the Pannonia ring.

Sepp Kleewein has moved his two LAVERDA projects a fair bit forward. His workshop sports heaps of white and orange pieces of bodywork. If only the frequent visitors didn't get him sidetracked all the time.

When Stefan Tuma started to rebuild his dark green LAVERDA 750 SF he discovered a crack in the engine housing. We are waiting for the results of the restoration with bated breath.