"Grab the Flag" 2013 at the Pannonia Circuit/Hungary

The first of this season's three "Grab the Flag"-Races took place in Hungary between 3. and 5. Mai 2013
(www.pannonia-ring.com). Robert Hirschegger entered on his black and yellow 1200 (64) in the unlimited class. Hansi Mayer entered his 750 SF (50) in the "Sportsmann 750". Max Kuypers had come from Germany with a classically restored LAVERDA 350 (121) and entered in the "Junior 350".

Hirschi scored 6th in the first and 5th in the second race (fastest lap: 2:17.583). Hansi scored a 5th and a 3rd place 3. Rang (fastest lap: 2:25.626). Max twice got 9th on his 350 (fastest lap: 2:37.436).

See you at the next "Grab the Flag"-race at the Slovakia Circuit!

A heartfelt 'thank you' to photographer Ernst Gruber!