10th International Rupert Hollaus Memorial Race at the RedBull-Circuit 2013

Our Bavarian LAVERDA-Friend Willi Werndl did it! What a sensational achievement! Piero Laverda and the whole LAVERDA CORSE TEAM travelled all the way to participate in show-laps and dedicated LAVERDA event runs at the RedBull circuit.
Pit no. 28 glowed in orange: Not only Augusto Brettoni, Fernando Capellotto, Giuseppe Andrighetto and Guliano Cogo, but also Hermann Ansorge and Franz Laimboeck showed and rode historic race-bikes of the LAVERDA CORSE TEAM. Not only was it possible to experience the famous V6-racer in the flesh, there were also twins and triples with 500, 750 and 1000 cc.

Many LAVERDA-friends from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slowenia, Croatia, Serbia and even Australia came to this fantastic event on Saturday and Sunday. Two participants from Lithuania surprised with their LAVERDA 500 racebikes.

During the LAVERDA event races, the SFC 801 Supertwin ridden by Loris Mandro, proved to be unbeatable. But 2nd and 3rd place already went to Austrian riders: Robert Hirschegger and Horst Scheuer got on the podium with their triples. Willi Stasser on his Zane-LAVERDA stood out with respect to spectacular lean-angles, he got 4th. Willi Werndl and Francesco Greggio battled for 5th and Hansi Maier and Bernhard Zoier for 7th.

Robert Hirschegger was presented two trophies by Piero Laverda during the award ceremony, as he also won the regularity competition. Hansi Mayer came third and Bernhard Zojer fourth. Congratulations!

Many thanks to Ernstl Gruber (www.motorsportfotos.at) and Vladimir (vxlx@yahoo.com) for the great action-shots on the track.