Mostra Scambio Novegro-Milan, 14. 16. 2. 2014

There's not much that beats visiting an Italian Classic Bike Swap Meet when it comes to brighten up those endless boring winter days. The "Mostra Scambio" in Novegro close to the old Milan airport of Linate is held twice a year and a trip there is highly recommended!
For the LAVERDA-enthusiast however there wasn't much to be gained. On offer were just a few complete LAVERDA bikes with astronomical prices. There was just one LAVERDA 750 GT twin and not a single 1000/1200 triple. Instead they had several 100cc, two 200cc one 350cc and several two-stroke LAVERDAs. In terms of parts the range was bigger, the prices moderate and always negotiable.
The next Mostra Scambio Novegro will be held in November 2014.