"Grab the Flag" 2015 Pannoniaring/Ungarn

The first of this season's three races in the "Grab the Flag" series took place from 1st to 3rd May in Hungary (www.pannonia-ring.com). Unfortunately this time it didn't really work out the way our LAVERDA Racers had hoped for.

The entrants were: Robert "Hirschi" Hirschegger on his LAVERDA 1200 (64), Bernhard Zojer on his LAVERDA 1200 (68), Armin Schulz on LAVERDA 750 SF (29) and Max Kuypers on LAVERDA 350 (211).

The practice sessions looked promising but already during the first race luck ran out. Bernhard had to retire on the second lap due to a broken triplex primary chain. Hirschi crossed the line in fantastic 5th position but in the pits he realised that the primary cover of his 1200 had cracked. Even though the cover was easily changed, right before the start Hirschi noticed a problem with the rear wheel which he couldn't sort out in situ.

Now both of them are madly repairing and we'll catch up at the next "Grab the Flag" race from 26 to 28 June at the Slowakiaring. www.grabtheflag.de
Many thanks to Ernst Gruber who yet again provided us with his fantastic photos.