LAVERDA Rally in Kobarid/Slovenia, 7th June 2015

Hannes Micheler, Wolfgang Velikogne and Donat Rauberger went to the LAVERDA-Rally in Slovenia. Hannes reports:

"It was a seriously great little rally, very well organised and very cordial! Upon arrival there were regalia like key-rings and a bandanna with LAVERDA logo, as well as a welcome-drink and something to eat. Between 10 and 11 you could either visit the nearby museum or just hang around and talk bikes. Then we went for a ride up to the church of Kobarid and then a further 20 km to Most na Soci. There every participant got free icecream. Then on to the Napoleon-bridge, to a little motorbike meeting point and then back to the centre of Kobarid. In a friendly little restaurant we were served pizza and fantastic Grapefruit-Shandy. It was also extremely hot.
Organiser and host Miran Mozetic has already announced that he will organise a rally next year near Nova Gorica."

Many thanks to Hannes for this report and the photos!