Retro Classics 02 – 05 March 2017 – Stuttgart/Germany

Wolfgang Märzinger visited the RETRO CLASSICS in Stuttgart, which, according to their website, is "Europe's greatest classic car exhibition". He kindly agreed to take pictures of every LAVERDA on display. There were however only two LAVERDAs in the 10 exhibition halls. "Route da sogno" a major dealer in historic vehicles located in Reggio-Emilia/Italy, had brought a drum-brake 750 SFC replica and a genuine disc-brake 750 SFC ( Asking price for the 1970 replica was EUR 13.500,– the 1974 SFC was priced at EUR 50.000,–! As you can see, the prices of our beloved LAVERDAs have been constantly rising over the past several years.

A heartfelt "thank you" to Wolfgang for the photos and the information!