Bike Expo Verona/Italy, 20. – 22. 1. 2017

Gerd Ramacher and his mate Peter went to see the Bike Expo in Verona with strict instructions to take a picture of every single LAVERDA present.
"Let's head for Italy! This trip was a chance to take a break from the grey and cold winter sadness! We took the train to Verona, had a quick espresso in the old quarters and then headed straight for the Bike Expo! 9 large exhibit halls, jam-packed with serial bikes, custom bikes and café racers were waiting for us. Even in terms of accessories - helmets, apparel, literature - everything was there. However I hit a brick wall when trying to find a helmet for my XXL sized head in the Italian colours! Oh, well, Italians! Everywhere it was possible to could admire, hop on, feel, touch and check...
The very first bike in the very first hall already was already a candidate for Gert Schnögl's request, a LAVERDA-Scrambler owned by Orfeo Cecarelli. Other LAVERDAs however were comparatively hard to find: "La Signora", a 750 dipped into orange glitter-varnish by Uniquecyclework ( and a 1974 750 SFC, offered at a smashing € 50,000 by a dealer ( But then finally we found the stand of Pieros LAVERDA Corse Team, radiating fantastic racing atmosphere. Besides the V6 there were several racers from 75cc to 1000cc and as a special highlight the carbon-clad 1200XX of Jean-Louis Olive ( We conveyed regards from Vienna which mightily pleased Piero.
All in all it was a fantastic trip during the wet and cold, motorcycle deprived January!
This excursion whet my appetite to finally get my LAVERDA 1000 3CL back on the road again. All spare parts have been ordered and my LAVERDA will hopefully be running again soon." Gerd Ramacher

More pictures from the LAVERDA Corse stand can be found here: