"Grab the Flag" 4. 6. 5. 2018 at the Pannonia Ring/Hungary

This year the "Grab the Flag" race-series for historical motorcycles once again consists of only two events. The first one is traditionally held at the Pannonia Ring, the second one will take place in Rijeka/Croatia. On the grid at the Pannonia Ring were Robert "Hirschi" Hirschegger on his LAVERDA 1200, Peter Corbic on his Harris LAVERDA 1200 and Hansi Mayer on his 750 SF Racer.
For Hirschi it was this year's first appearance on the track but he was is top-shape and already managed to put down fantastic times in practice: On Friday 2:17, on Saturday 2:16. In the second race he set a personal record of 2:15.690.
A 5th place in the first and a fantastic 2nd place in the second race were his reward.
Unfortunately Peter Corbic had some technical problems with his Harris LAVERDA and therefore made his way back to Salzburg already on Friday evening.
During the winter-break Hansi Mayer shouted his faithful 750SF a wider rear wheel. He finished a fantastic 4th in the first race with 2:31,246, but already made his way home before the sencond race.

The next "Grab the Flag" race will be held from 24. to 26. September 2018 in Rijeka/Croatia.