14th LAVERDA FREUNDE ÖSTERREICH RALLY on 31. 8. 2019 in Maria Schutz/Lower Austria

Our 14th rally took place in glorious summer weather conditions. We were happy to welcome three first-timers: Manfred Faes arrived on his freshly restored red LAVERDA 1000 3CL. Hannes Weingartshofer bought a 1971 LAVERDA 750 SF in Italy, gave her a service, got a roadworthy certificate and had her registered. Unfortunately he lost a freshly painted side-cover on his way home. Bruno Aschauer introduced his orange LAVERDA 500 with which he not only rides on the road but also takes part in hill-climbs. He also brought a bottle of home-made Fruit-Schnapps, thus proving a very different set of talents...

Gerhard Ruzicka surprised us with his just recently revitalised LAVERDA 750 SF2 - called "The Mexican".

Siegi Schott took his metallic-blue LAVERDA 1200 for a test-ride to Maria Schutz and was happy to report that everything was working perfectly.

As usual there was a good turnout of Sulzbacher LAVERDAs: Hirschi with his green modified 1200 SC, Franz Rath with his red 1200 SC, polished to a high sheen, Robert Schlachter with the orange 1200 SC, Gert Schnögl with his white 1200 SC, Franz Schneider with the orange 1200 S and Andreas Braito with the 1000 SH. We were particularyly delighted about the visit of Helmut Strasser, original owner of the orange 1000 3CL in Sulzbacher outfit, which nowadays is cared for and ridden by Peter and Gert.

Dear Austrian LAVERDA-owners and riders: Despite perfect summer weather there were only 13 LAVERDAs gathered. Once a year we would really love to see you in Maria Schutz - so pull out a finger and don't just let your LAVERDAs gather dust!!!