16th LAVERDA FREUNDE ÖSTERREICH Rally on 28. August 2021 in Maria Schutz/NÖ

This year the weather gods smiled upon Maria Schutz whereas in large parts of Austria it was already raining in the morning. Nevertheless 25 Laverda riders came together.
We were particularly pleased that amongst the bikes on display were four LAVERDA 100 Sport from the 50s, a truly unique thing to see in Austria. These little LAVERDAs are very rare in our neck of the woods. Andreas, Donat, Reinhold and Gert are the proud owners.
We were also extremely happy about the attendance of riders from Styria. For Russell it was the first time to join one of our meetings, however his LAVERDA 1000 3CL wasn't quite ready for the road yet. To make up for it he proved that he can hold his grog! We had been missing Wolfgang and his yellow 1000 3C for quite some time - it's just so nice if someone has been faithful to their LAVERDA for such a long time, which in his case is since 1984! The same goes for Fritz with his triple sporting an Italian tri-colour paint-job.
The surprise of the day however came from Max: He has been able to extend his HAUER-motorcycle collection to three items with a HAUER-LAVERDA 1200. This Austrian space-frame for the LAVERDA triple has only been built twice. Max, we congratulate you on this rare and mint LAVERDA!
After it started to rain mid-afternoon we continued to talk bikes inside our usual pub "Zum Auerhahn". Publican Petra and chef Björn tirelessly cared for our needs until well after midnight. Thanks so much to both of them.