News from the garages and workshops of the LAVERDA FRIENDS

ALOIS (Salzburg) has fitted new brakes to his LAVERDA 1000 3C over the winter period. Alois: "My Laverda now resides in the lounge-room. She will be fitted with new 300mm discs and BREMBO 4-piston callipers. The special brackets for those of course had to be custom made." All good to go, spring can arrive.

ANDREAS (Vienna) decided to do a patina-restoration to his 1957 LAVERDA 100 Sport. Unfortunately the engine requires a complete rebuild. The chassis got technically sorted out, the paintjob was treated with Ovatrol. Andreas has already prepared the electrics. The bike should be ready by May, in September he will participate in the Ratschin-brothers hill-climb, and next year the plans are to join the Milano-Taranto. We will keep you posted…

BERNHARD (Burgenland), with the assistance of Gert, has bought a LAVERDA 750 SF in Germany. Engine, wheels, and electrics had been serviced by OCT at the request of the previous owner. Bernhard immediately shouted the bike a new paintjob and will just ride her as is this year. Eventually he might decide to strip her so he can paint the frame as well. Congratulations on this beauty from Breganze!

BERNHARD (Eastern Tyrol) has sold his LAVERDA 1200 racer. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the Swiss buyer hasn't been able to pick her up yet. We hope the travel restrictions will be eased soon, but we are also a little sad to see this powerful LAVERDA racer leave…

EDWIN (Salzburg) only had to do a bit of service to his LAVERDA 1200. Since the meticulous rebuild she's running perfectly. Therefore Edwin is now busy with other Italian, Spanish and Japanese beauties.

ERICH (Upper-Austria) has fitted new carburettors and new tyres to his LAVERDA 750. Erich: "As the carbs of my 750 SF were worn out I asked Wolfgang Huber to help me out. He fitted two Dellorto PHF36, and my friend Willi Werndl provided me with two new inlet-manifolds. And while I was at it I shouted her new Bridgestone BT45/46 tyres. After Easter I will pick up the plate and take her for a ride. I just hope to find an open Café …"

FRANZ (Lower-Austria) has bought new clip-ons for his Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200S. They had to be the proper forged ones from Magura. They should be fitted anytime soon…

GEROLD (Upper-Austria) had his LAVERDA 750 SF3 in storage for 30 years! He had bought her new in 1978 from Werner Sulzbacher and put close to 38,000 km on the clock. Now she is about to be carefully rebuilt and get back on the road. We are already looking forward to photos from the first ride.

GERT (Vienna) had tacho and speedo of his LAVERDA 1200SC rebuilt by bei Max Mahlmeister.
His 1958 LAVERDA 100 Sport, is close to being finished. Over Easter Andreas assisted in fitting a new wiring loom. All that is missing now is the battery-tray and a brake light switch. And then she is about to be registered as a historic bike this year.

HANNES (Tyrol) has had his Zane LAVERDA 650 Formula repaired at Moto Officina in Spilimbergo/Italy. Hannes: "About 10 years ago I bought the 650 Formula, and at the time she was running perfectly. Over time however she started to use oil. With the help of Thomas I brought her to Moto Officina. Cylinder head, valve guides, valves and pistons have been replaced. Now she is running again like she did the very first day!"

HANNES (Carinthia) had nothing to do, neither to his LAVERDA 100 Sport, nor to his LAVERDA 1200S. Therefore he kept himself busy restoring another Italian rarity over …

HANS (Lower-Austria) has parted with his original 1977 LAVERDA 1200,. We can't understand that! 14 days later however, as a consolation, he bought a 1973 LAVERDA 750 SF in Upper Austria. This one we understand very well!

HEINZ and PETER (Vorarlberg) are working on a very special project. In his neighbourhood Heinz found an early LAVERDA 1000, "pulled her out oft he blackberry shrubs and paid one Euro per cubic centimetre." Unfortunately she was in a very sad state. For several months now they are busy restoring. Rebuilding the engine and sourcing missing parts are a major challenge. We are very much looking forward tot he completion of this gorgeous early LAVERDA 1000!

JOHANNES (Vorarlberg) has made a long time dream come true. A 1971 LAVERDA 750 SF. For many years the bike was standing at Jürgen Schnaller's in Kolsass, Tyrol. Now she has been registered as a historic bike and Johannes is already riding her. Word has it that she might soon get company from a second LAVERDA …

JOSEF (Salzburg) has unearthed two special LAVERDA rarities: A LAVERDA 750S of which in 1969/70 only about 1,400 were built, and a LAVERDA 1000 SFC, of which over four years only about 650 were manufactured.

KARL (Lower-Austria) has prescribed his faithful LAVERDA 750 SF2 a rebuild of tacho and speedo. Max Mahlmeister has done a great job of technically and optically restoring the instruments. Now Karl's LAVERDA 750 SF2 is fit for the oncoming season.

KURT (Carinthia) has fitted handlebar-risers as well as a multi-adjustable Brevettato handlebars to LAVERDA 1200TS. Hannes helped him to do so. Now the seating position fits Kurt much better.

MARTIN (Lower-Austria) has given the fairing of his Zane LAVERDA 750 Ghost a new paintjob. Besides the usual service tasks Martin has also polished brake- and gear-shift-lever – very nice! Dear Martin, we do however also want to see your LAVERDA 1000 3C on the road!!!

MAX (Vienna), instead of working on his LAVERDA triple has instead been busy with 2x3 cylinders ...

PETER (Salzburg) has already started to ride his LAVERDA 1200 Cafe Racer at the beginning of April.

PETER und GERT (Vienna) completed a few necessary jobs on their shared Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1000 3CL. Carburettors rebuilt (thanks Hirschi!) and engine cleaned. Clutch and front brakes are now actuated with dog-leg-levers. The crank-case-breather doesn't end in front of the rear wheel anymore but discharges into a K&N filter.

PETER (Lower-Austria), after long deliberation, has parted with his Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200S We would appreciate if the new owner from Upper Austria got in touch with us.

ROBERT (Lower-Austria) has completely rebuilt his LAVERDA 250 2TR, with the kind assistance of "Hirschi". The engine received new bearings, forks, shocks and electrics were refurbished, swingarm and bodywork repainted. She was completed early in March. A veritable Italian beauty!!!

RUDI (Salzburg) has put his LAVERDA 1000 Jota conversion project on ice and has instead shortened the long winter restoring another rare Italian lady.

SIEGI (Upper-Austria) is not only busy with his LAVERDAs, but also with building a garage. Siegi: "My LAVERDA 1200 TS is now owned by my son Robert. She was refurbished and will receive new mufflers. At the same time, we are working on the rebuild of our new 1975 LAVERDA 750 SF2, which I bought from Wolfgang Huber. She should be finished by the end of April."

WOLFGANG (Upper-Austria) has bought a Zane LAVERDA 750 Sport. Having been off the road for a long time she needed a big service and a few minor repairs. He managed to get her going quickly. For the first test-ride Wolfgang even newly wrapped the old fairing. She is now about to receive new tyres and a fresh yellow paintjob. The new yellow fairing from 3CMoto has already arrived …