Andreas Braito

Already in his youth Andreas was heavily impressed with the fast LAVERDAS which were thundering down the nearby Brenner-Pass. It took however a fair while until he was able to call one of the Italian beauties his own. When a friend suddenly showed up at his place with a LAVERDA 1000 3C his old memories and longings came back to haunt him.

„After a visit and several test rides at Wolfgang Huber’s I knew: It had to be the black and orange 1000 triple. The wide handlebars, the custom made seat and the instruments were replaced with original parts. Later I added Jota rear-sets and now I find the look classically beautiful.”

In the papers the bike is declared as „LAVERDA 1000 SH" with 92 hp. In 1977 the importer Werner Sulzbacher had equipped her with clip-ons, bikini fairing and SFC single hump seat. The engine was tuned with C4 cams and high compression pistons.

Andreas enjoys to ride his LAVERDA on weekend trips and holiday tours with his friend Kurt. He was present at Willi Werndl’s LAVERDA meeting in Bavaria as well as at the first Austrian LAVERDA meeting in Gloggnitz.