Daniel "Tintifax"
LAVERDA 750S Formula

Daniel is our man, not in Havanna, but for the Zané-LAVERDAS – model years 1993 – 2000. For many years he is a dedicated rider and was bitten by the Italy-bug through his first motorcycle, a Cagiva Elefant. Subsequent efforts to become happy with a German or Japanese make were doomed to fail. At the change of the millennium Daniel comes to his senses and finds his true love, forsaken in a small bike shop. Since then he is proud owner of a LAVERDA 750S Formula.

Daniel: "For the first couple of years I didn't have any problems whatsoever with my Formula. However, in 2005, during an intensive challenge at a racetrack in Spain the crankshaft failed. Initially for financial reasons - I was a student at the time - and later because it was impossible to find a workshop that was able to properly fix the problem, the bike sat in a corner for 10 years. In 2016 Donat Rauberger not only kept me from getting rid of my sick Formula but instead even motivated me to bring her back to life. I expect to hear her very typical LAVERDA-sound this year and will keep you all posted...."

Contact: t-fax@gmx.at
Phone: +43-650-laverda