Gerhard Holic

Already as a kid Gerhard was dead keen on the LAVERDA V-6 racer. He was hoping for serial production but unfortunately was disappointed.

In the Winter of 2004 he has bought a 1200 SC – with the legendary Sulzbacher 112 hp – which is in the course of meticulous restoration. Because such a rare LAVERDA is a very beautiful sight next to his 4 Guzzis...

The bike is one of the very few which had been tuned by Werner Sulzbacher, at the time Austrian LAVERDA importer, on the basis of an original 1200. A real gemstone with 25,000 kilometres on the clock which was slowly rotting in a shed in Lower Austria.

For his restoration Gerhard has high ambitions: In November 1979 the German magazine "MOTORRAD" featured a test of a 1200 SC. And Gerhards bike is going to look exactly the same.

The Story ends in Autumn 2005. Focusing on "living space instead of capacity" Gerhard parts with his 1200 SC and sells her to Gert Schnögl.