Gerhard Schütt
LAVERDA 1000 Jota Replica

For Gerhard the story of LAVERDAs already started at the tender age of 16. In Wels he spots an orange triple with a fairing, and without knowing what it was he decides: "Gotta have one of them!"

However it took several years for the first LAVERDA to arrive in his shed. At a motorcycle show in Amstetten he met Wolfgang Huber and agreed to test-ride a LAVERDA. Unfortunately the beauty got sold to another suitor. In the winter of 2006 Gerhard found an ad for a LAVERDA in Germany: a 1000 3CL in excellent condition. Import and registration as historic bike were facilitated with the help of a few LAVERDA-friends.

In 2010 however he swapped this 1000 3CL with a 750 SFC Replica of LAVERDA-Friend Andi Varga. Seriously infected with the LAVERDA-bug, in the very same year he also had to win an internet auction for a 750 SF and rebuild her as a vintage racer.

My childhood dream of a LAVERDA triple with a fairing only came true when I was finally able to sufficently sweet talk Wolfgang Huber into selling me a LAVERDA 1000 as a rebuild project. The goal of the project was a LAVERDA 1000 Jota Replica. The work took three years, I spent countless hours searching the net for parts - Italy, Canada, USA, Scotland - until finally in September 2013 she stood there in front of me. Without the help of the Austrian LAVERDA Friends, in particular Gert Schnögl who continuously succeeded to motivate me, this dream probably might have never come true. A big heartfelt thanks to all of them.

Mobil: +43 664 88320420