Hans Burger

Hans Burger has been faithful to his LAVERDA 750 SF2 already since 1980. In 2006 he has thoroughly serviced her and got her back on the road after she had been sitting in the garage for an extended period.

"I have bought my youthful dream a LAVERDA 750 SF2 in 1980. During the following ten years I got more than 80,000 kilometres on the clock. I was on the Isle of Man, on Corsica, in France, Italy, Sweden and Norway. She received an engine rebuild at 70,000 km (honed sleeves, head rebuild, new crank bearings, new timing and primary chain, clutch rebuild). Meanwhile I have 105,000 km on the clock. Except for the paintjob, everything on my "other wife" is still original.
In 2006, after having abstained form LAVERDA for 15 years, melancholy got the better of me, and I brought my SF2 back to life: I have changed oil and brake fluid and painstakingly adjusted carburettors, ignition and valve clearances. This was followed by a cautious test ride where I always had to remind myself: Gear shift to the right, first down, all others up! Cooool...!!!
It felt like in the olden days - even my dark green leathers still fit me. Together with my daughter I used the last nice autumn days to have the 750 parallel and character twin roam the roads. I am looking forward to the next season.