NON-Frame Replica


In the autumn of 2013, Maxx Krenn and Hermann Ansorge who have been active in the LAVERDA-Corse-Team for years now, came up with a very special project: The plan was to build a replica of Franz Laimboeck's legendary 1200 Non-Frame LAVERDA racer.

With the help of some original photographs Maxx did the drawings and then they switched on the welder. Only a few weeks later the bike was on its wheels. It is sensational how quickly it happened!
We are sending our congratulations and are looking forward to the first appearance on the racetrack.

The Non-Frame-Racer built in 1976 did not have a conventional frame. The anterior auxiliary frame was mounted to the cylinderhead and the engine-mounts, the second auxiliary frame consisted of aluminium plates and was bolted to the back of the triple engine cases! A monocoque made from riveted aluminium, the fuel tank below the engine, high pipes and a sensationally low weight were discerning features of this bike.