Peter Ulzer

If the best mate is faithful to his LAVERDA for 25 years, you wonder why. In order to get an answer to this question, Peter visited Wolfgang Huber in June 2001 and tested a 750 SF2. But his mate Franz pleaded for a 1200 which was lurking in a dark corner of the Huber cellar. The thing had a silver frame, orange bodywork, SFC single seat, Marvic three-spoke alloy wheels and was only very reluctantly dragged out into the light by Wolfgang. A date for a test ride was fixed after which Peter was proud owner of this beautiful LAVERDA 1200, model year 1979.

The engine had the classic Sulzbacher tuning 1172 cc, 82mm pistons, C4 cams, inlet valve 41 mm, outlet valve 35.5 mm and had been used by the previous owner from Salzburg in a Harris frame in racing. The respective signs of wear helicoil-repaired cylinder head, worn cam blocks, hand-ground shims were fixed by Peter in the first rebuild and the ignition was replaced by a DMC. And while he was at it he did some work to the channels. However Peter is still searching for the fitting 36mm Dell'Orto carburettors.

Together with his mate Franz who rides a 500 Montjuic, Peter is seriously having a ball. In summer they start the engines and with thundering sound they leave for holidays to Italy or to several LAVERDA meetings. Willi Werndl's meeting in 2003 saw him just as well as the anniversary meeting of the LSC in 2004 in Switzerland. For 2005 he plans a trip to Breganze.