Roman Cudly

Our lathe operator and milling cutter has already heftily actuated the throttle of his LAVERDA in the middle of the 80s in the BOT-racing class and has cut indelible traces into the Österreich-Ring.

Bought in 1979, off the hands of a Porsche driver with 1200 km on the clock, the ruby red LAVERDA 1200 S already had her first race entry in 1980 at the mountain race of Mühllacken. Roman had generously put her at the disposal of the Austrian State Champion Rudi Wagner. The number 106 still adorns his garage.

During the years the ruby red LAVERDA 1200 S – the "S" denominating Sulzbacher tuning level 1 – was improved with a lot of love and affection. Additional Hirschegger engine tuning – resulting in 90 hp at the rear wheel – modern flatslide carburettors, 3 into 1 exhaust system with carbon silencer, single seat, home-made rear sets, square section swingarm, internally ventilated brake discs, 3-spoke magnesium wheels and plenty of meticulous work on details make her a very special LAVERDA. And with her – and with his Christl on the pillion – Roman is even today riding pretty fast. Even all the holiday mileage from the Cote d'Azur in France to the East sea coast of Poland is covered with the LAVERDA.

Roman was a devoted LAVERDA-rider. With his Christl on the pillion seat he has travelled Europe from the Baltic to the Tunesian shores of the Mediterranean. He came to the LAVERDA-rallies in Gloggnitz and Maria Schutz as well as to those in Breganze and Slovenia. His last journey took him to the Abruzzo/Italy and to Montenegro. He would not have dreamt to take any other bike for these trips. The clock on his 1200S showed 138,500 km.

Gert Schnögl: "To me Roman was one of the prime fathers of my LAVERDA passion, flying the colours of our syndicate. I'll never forget the day when after a long winter he stuck his nose into the open megaphone of my roaring 1000, sniffing the fumes saying: "Mmmmmmm, well THAT'S a scent!"

Our dear LAVERDA-friend passed away on 13 February 2014. Shortly before his 70th birthday he lost the fight against cancer.

Roman, we'll meet in LAVERDA-heaven!