Thomas Wintersteller

Thomas was born in 1976 with "fuel in his veins". His father being a Puch mechanic he had his first experience on mopeds already at the age of 7. When in 1999 he watched a vintage race he was so excited that he immediately restored the 1957 Puch 175 SVS which was lurking in his parent's attic. Several other rebuilds followed and his travels - with 6 hp and a top speed of 80kph took him all across Austria and even down to Southern Tyrol.

In search of a more powerful bike he came across a bike dealer in Hallein in 2004: "There she was and it was love at first sigth: a 1975 LAVERDA 3C. An Italian beauty but unfortunately incomplete and a non-runner. But love makes you blind and after tough price negotiations I became proud owner of this LAVERDA." Thomas got the missing parts from Wolfgang Huber and from "Laverda Paradies". He did all the work for the rebuild himself. In January 2003 it was finally time: The first attempt to start the bike - and it was a success!

"At the beginning of April I registered the LAVERDA, and by the end of the year I had 6413 km on the clock, none of which I wanted to miss. This is exactly the bike I always wanted to have. I will never part with her. Power and torque of the triple are awesome. Even though she's a bit hard and heavy to ride I can't wait for Spring to come. Forza LAVERDA!"