Gerts Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200 SC

For his restoration Gert has high ambitions: In November 1979 the german magazine "MOTORRAD" featured a test of a 1200 SC. And Gert's bike is supposed to look exactly the same in the end. All the bodywork pieces are already bright shining white…

"I spent two evenings, fossicking through boxes and checking what was available in terms of parts. Then I started to further strip my 1200 SC. Hirschi and I took the engine out of the frame – no rocket science once you know how to do it. Frame, swingarm, yokes and the exhaust need to be sand-blasted and coated. I will have the Bilstein shocks rebuilt, they definitely have to be brilliant yellow again. I will clean and rebuild carburettors and brakes. All bearings from steering head, swingarm and wheels will be replaced. I will also need new chain and sprockets. As for the instruments I will simply revert to my collection of spare parts and select a nice pair with LAVERDA logo. Looks like I will have to completely rewire the bike. Even though it will still be a while I am already looking forward to the first test ride."

"On July 12, 2007, one and a half years after I bought her, I was finally able to register my “Mighty White”. Hirschi did the final check and my first test ride on a gorgeous summer’s evening took me to the “Höllental” – “Hell’s Valley” so the name might give all of you a bit of a feeling. This was heaven! The engine shows brute power already at low revs and, when revved up develops an effervescence I would never have put an old LAVERDA past. The sheer cliffs of the “Höllental” made it a paramount acoustic experience. I was surprised at how “smooth” this Werner Sulzbacher tuned engine – with 1172 cc, 82 mm bore, C4 camshafts, 41mm inlet valve, 35.5 mm exhaust valve, machined ducts, 36 mm Dell’Orto carburettors with open bellmouths and 45 mm header pipes – is running.
I would like to say thanks to everybody who contributed to make this dream come true."