Robert Hirschegger
LAVERDA 1200 SC-Special

"Hirschi" is our technical director and has been a LAVERDA-Fan from the very first. Whenever problems came up on our LAVERDAS which we considered impossible to cure – he always got the upper hand of them. With his old 1000 3C he has smoked the odd Jap-bike rider and when he gets on his 1200 SC – "SC" means Sulzbacher top tuning level – most riders see him only from the back anyway.

He bought his 1200 SC in 1983 and since then he has consequently improved her. This resulted in 109 hp/108 Nm at the rear wheel with 200 kg weight. A self-modified frame, home made swingarm, 17' magnesium rims, 180 rear tyre, White Power shocks, USD-forks, modern brakes, flatslide carburettors, 3 into 1 exhaust system, bigger oil-cooler, external oil filter and leaving out everything unnecessary transformed his 1200 SC into Austria's most purist LAVERDA. The German motorcycle magazine "MO" has brought a report about his 1200 already in 1995. Even "Custom Bike" (1/99) and "Biker in Österreich" (3/03) have already featured this special LAVERDA.

"Hirschi“ has gained a lot of experience with his LAVERDA on the track, until a serious crash stopped him. But today he is again working on a LAVERDA racing project. We are in keen anticipation…