Sulzbacher LAVERDAS – an Austrian Legend

Here we are going to present the history of these big and powerful triples - 1172 cc, 112 hp, 240 kph. What Werner Sulzbacher has done between 1968 and 1984 for the LAVERDA marque has to be made known and honoured. We are planning interviews with Werner Sulzbacher and Franz Laimböck. As a foretaste we have some photos of these "power plants".

The following PDF-files can be downloaded:
Sulzbacher folder of 1976
Sulzbacher postcard of 1976
Sulzbacher tuning and price list 1977
Sulzbacher folder of 1978
• the article form the "MOTORRAD" magazine 11/1979 (text only)
• and a ride report from Michael Stirner from 1978.

Everybody who owns or has owned such a bike, who can contribute photos or stories please contact Gert Schnögl (phone 01/5449377, e-mail: